The Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition (JCSPC) is a collaboration of individuals and families, nonprofits, businesses and governmental agencies working together to reduce both suicide attempts and deaths by suicide in Johnson County, Iowa.


Coalition members seek to engage the public in suicide prevention strategies that increase awareness and access to quality resources through committee efforts and community events.

(The Crisis Center serves as the fiscal agent of the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition. Financial contributions to support coalition efforts should be directed to The Crisis Center, 1121 Gilbert Court, Iowa City, 52240 with "JCSPC" indicated.)

Our Mission

The Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition works in partnership with community members and organizations to reduce the incidence of suicide attempts and suicide completions in Johnson County. The Coalition engages the community in carrying out national, state, and local suicide prevention strategies; raising awareness; reducing stigma; educating the public; providing advocacy; and assuring access to quality resources.

A Three-Point Vision

People in our community are aware that suicide is a relevant problem; that it is possible to reduce the rate of suicide; and that local resources are available.

People in our community are supported in seeking help for suicidal thoughts and feelings, helping others who may be suicidal, and dealing with a loss by suicide.

People in our community have hope that life can get better, that we can work through obstacles, and that we can drastically reduce the rate of deaths by suicide.

Member Values

The Coalition values education, communication, collaboration, respect, and understanding.

Get Involved!

"In every community there is work to be done . . . in every heart there is the power to do it."
  - Marianne Williamson

We believe in the power of community efforts. New members are always welcome and you do not need a background in suicide prevention to participate.

Check out the following coalition’s committees and their area of focus surrounding the issue of suicide.  If you are interested in learning more about this coalition or joining a committee, please contact Keri Neblett at or (319) 351-2726 ext. 114.

Survivor Support Committee

Increasing resources and support to people who have lost a loved one to suicide and finding ways to utilize survivors as volunteers to support new survivors.

Visit the Out of the Darkness Walk page to learn more about this annual community event to remember those lost to suicide.

K-12 Youth Committee

Promoting the education of school personnel, parents and students regarding the warning signs of suicide, how to intervene and where to go for help.

College Students Committee

Developing an organized, comprehensive and research-based suicide prevention and awareness program for students, faculty and staff.

Community Awareness Committee

Creating marketing and awareness campaigns to raise awareness about the issue of suicide and suicide prevention services.

Johnson County System of Care Committee

This committee is made up of provider representatives, working to provide improved access to quality mental health services in Johnson County.

The group's major project has been outlining the confidentiality laws that affect mental/behavioral health and medical professionals in Iowa and developing a common-use disclosure form.