24-Hour Crisis Line

Hours: Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
Phone: (319) 351-0140

Prefer to let your fingers do the talking? Log on to Crisis Chat!

What to Expect When You Call

When you call The Crisis Center, expect to talk confidentially to a skilled volunteer who will listen with compassion, respond without judgment and treat you with respect. Our volunteers complete a minimum of 62 hours of training to provide support and comfort for clients in times of crisis. They know how to work collaboratively with you to brainstorm potential options and generate an action plan if you think it could be helpful.

We also maintain an extensive resource database, so our volunteers may be able to help you find more specialized local services and resources from national organizations.

Who Should Call

Simply put, if you are considering it, you should call. No issue is too great and certainly none is too small. Our volunteers are prepared to listen to a wide variety of concerns. If you need to talk to someone, please call (319) 351-0140.

Worried about a family member? Concerned about a friend? It can be difficult to help someone else through a crisis.  Our volunteers can provide you with information, resources and support that you can use. Give us a call at (319) 351-0140.

Online Resource Directory

Another option is to use our Online Resource Directory to search a topic of concern. 

Other Services

  • Walk-in peer counseling from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm at The Crisis Center (please call ahead to make arrangements during the hours of 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm or during weekends)
  • Referrals to local, state and national resources 
  • Suicide prevention, intervention and postvention
  • In-person advocacy for a suicidal person
  • Online emotional support through Crisis Chat