Volunteers Are the Heart of The Crisis Center


or print HERE and send application to:

The Crisis Center,

ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator

1121 Gilbert Ct.

Iowa City, IA 52240

"I do not think there is anything better than helping somebody realize that they are strong enough to make it through the toughest of times, because even though that strength is hard to see at times, it lies in all of us. The Crisis Center has not only made me a better volunteer, but it has also made me a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better student, and overall a better person." - Julie, Crisis Intervention Volunteer

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The Crisis Line was started by a group of determined volunteers in 1970 and to this day, volunteers remain at the heart of all Crisis Center programs. More than 325 people are needed to help just 11 staff members deliver services to thousands of individuals each week.

We can help you find the “just right” volunteer post that utilizes your talents in a way that best fits your schedule. We provide thorough training to ensure you can put your skills to use right away. Warning: Volunteering at The Crisis Center can be addictive, as you experience the satisfaction of helping us help others and become part of The Crisis Center family.

How to Apply

There are four steps to our application process and each is required because we are a social services agency. All volunteers must:

  • Submit a signed and dated application.
  • Complete an in-person interview.
  • Consent to a national criminal background check (traffic violations or non-violent convictions will not disqualify you).
  • Complete all required training components prior to service.


The Fine Print

Volunteering at The Crisis Center is an amazing experience but one that is best entered with realistic expectations. So please read the "fine print" below, with the hope that making our needs clear will help you evaluate if volunteering at The Crisis Center is right for you.

  • You must complete all four steps - application, interview, background check and training. Each step serves an important function in The Crisis Center's volunteer screening process to meet accreditation standards and/or insurance coverage obligations. Even former volunteers who been away from The Crisis Center for more than a year have to go through the whole process again. There are really no exceptions.
  • Every training session is mandatory. We know from experience that without a clear understanding of our policies, procedures and the resources available at The Crisis Center, volunteers don't have the necessary tools to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Please double-check the training date(s) and make sure you can attend each one and for the entire training session.
  • We ask you to commit to a weekly 3-hour shift. Because our services operate daily, it's vital that volunteers are available to work their chosen shift each week. Of course you can take time off when needed - we will even help find another volunteer to substitute for you - but if working a weekly shift will be hard to fit in your current schedule, this may not be the time to volunteer at The Crisis Center.