Board Committee Volunteers

Want to contribute your talents to The Crisis Center but not on a weekly basis? Read on to see if joining one of The Crisis Center's Board of Directors standing committees might be for you.

Standing committees conduct governance activities for the board. Each committee addresses issues in their assigned area (Finance, Development, Programming, or Governance), provides specialized assistance and advice, and recommends policies for adoption.

The Directors are seeking community volunteers to serve on these committees. Most meet once a month and a one year commitment is preferred. Click here to read a committee member's responsibilities. Committee volunteers may be recommended for service as a board director in the future.

Download a Board Committee Application and mail or fax it to the Crisis Center for consideration. For more information or if you have questions, contact Becci Reedus, our executive director, at (319) 351-2726 ext. 109 or via email at Another opportunity to learn more is by attending one of our Coffee at The Crisis Center events.

A description of each board committee's activities is provided below:

Finance Committee

Works with the Executive Director to develop proposed budgets and necessary revisions. Ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/ accountability for funds. Reviews financial statements and procedures and ensures adequate financial controls. Supervises investments. Meets with external auditor to review annual audit results and to consider recommendations. Coordinates efforts with the Executive Committee to develop and recommend Executive Director compensation package.

Development Committee

Oversees development and implementation of the Fundraising Plan. Identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support. Works with the Communication & Fund Development Director on communication strategies, fundraising plans and activities. Assures proper fundraising activities, proper acknowledgement and administration of gifts and grants, timely deposit, and proper usage and accounting of funds. Assures compliances with funding restrictions, reports regularly on use of funds, and maintains positive relations with donors. Works with staff in coordination of fundraising and outreach efforts. Fulfills public reporting requirements, such as the preparation of Internal Revenue Service documents as required in the conduct of solicitation of funds of any type.

Program Oversight Committee

Develops and recommends policies and programs related to the delivery of services to clients. Identifies potential markets, their needs, products/services/programs to meet these needs, and methods to promote/sell the program. Assists in the development and assessment of quality standards and indicators. Guides development of service delivery mechanisms. Gathers feedback from staff, volunteers, other board members, clients, community members, and funders to evaluate and revise current programs and to plan future programs.

Compliance Committee

Develops recruitment processes and makes nominations for Board membership. Guides agency in achieving diversity and cultural competency. Conducts annual Board assessment. Monitors member terms and maintains member profiles. Plans for succession of Board members and officers. Identifies and recommends candidates for Board officers. Maintains description of the role and responsibilities of members. Maintains Board committee descriptions and responsibilities. Reviews recommendations for non-Board (at-large) committee members.